Immediation Pre-flight Checks

Get yourself ready for your video conference

Start here - Run the tests

To run the network tests visit: and check you get all green "Pass" messages. If you get any red "Fail" messages contact with a screenshot for help.

If you want to learn more about why these tests are important and other checks we recommend you do continue reading below.

Pre-flight Check Details

Soon you’ll be joining a live secure conference. Like any good journey it’s worth being prepared in advance to avoid any stress and ensure the best experience. This has become more important due to the flexible way everyone lives and works.

We call this a 2-minute pre-flight check. Experience has shown us that doing these checks produces the best outcome for all conference participants. It helps ensure the compatibility between the security of the conference and the security of your organisation and device. This can be your own device or an organisation provided device.

Ensuring your conference experience is smooth:




Decide on the location and device you will use on the day to join the conference.

Test the network in your chosen location from your chosen device.

Configure your audio and video devices to ensure you can participate.

This could be your office, at home, a laptop, an iPad or mobile phone.

Check the speed and if there are any security or firewall concerns ahead of time.

Ensure your device is using the right speakers, microphone and webcam.

Running the tests (takes 2-mins)


The location for your conference will ideally be quiet and distraction free. You should follow any policies of your organisation and choose a location where you feel comfortable and able to focus.

Your device should be fully charged and ideally plugged in. It should be positioned so it is comfortable to use for the duration of the conference.

We recommend these device and browser combinations:

  1. Windows or Mac with Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge

  2. iPhone or iPad with Safari

  3. Android phone or tablet with Google Chrome

    More detail on supported browsers.


  1. Run the SpeedTest network test. We recommend a minimum download and upload speed of 2Mbps. If your connection can’t achieve this you may need to choose another location or dial in with one of the freephone numbers given in the conference invite.

  2. Run the web conference test. Green pass marks mean you are good to go to step 3. If you see any red fail marks you may need to try a different location or device. If this isn’t possible please take a screenshot of the test screen and send it to support. We can liaise with your IT Security Team to help them understand the required Firewall changes to ensure your access to the Immediation platform.


Your device may have multiple web cameras, microphones and speakers. When you enter a call make sure you select the right camera and microphone / speaker combination for you. If you are unsure it is often best to select the “system” or “default” devices. Remember Bluetooth devices or AirPods can run out of battery part way through conferences and are best avoided.

That’s the Immediation pre-flight check done. If you have any questions beforehand please reach out to When in your conference use the support chat button in the bottom right hand corner to get instant help from a conference concierge.

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