Troubleshooting Guide

This document sets up the most common technical issues and the recommend solutions for users.

Common Issues and Solutions

Try this…
Page reloading continually
When accessing the video conference the Immediation app continually reloads and I can't access the matter conference.
This issue is often caused by a misbehaving browser extension. The fastest solution is to launch a Private or Incognito browser window and then access Immediation again. This will disable the rogue extension and allow you to continue with your matter conference.
Firewall/Network &
I can not join the conference.
Note: If the user is stuck on the ‘connecting to chat server’ screen or experiences permission errors when joining the conference, the user is likely experiencing a firewall issue.
● Are you using a corporate computer? It is possible that your IT team needs to allow access to As per guide.
● If the IT team cannot help, we recommend you use a personal device
● CSS staff can resolve this issue by requesting (via email) the user forward this information to their IT:
● Regarding a Firewall, the network admin will have to open the following ports:
● UDP ports 10,000 - 20,000 for static IP ranges
Email being quarantined
I am not receiving Immediations verification email.
● The Outlook server "mimecast" might automatically quarantine the verification emails. Release the original email from the quarantine
Logging on
I cannot find my invitation email
● CSS/L1 to check whether we have the correct email address for the user (if not, amend)
● Check ‘All Mail’ and look for an email from [email protected]
● Check spam folder for an email from [email protected]
● Resend invite via admin
● Copy the link from Admin and send it to the user
I keep on getting ‘Access denied’ error messages
● Check that you are not using Internet Explorer
● Check your password has been entered correctly
● Reset your password
● Ask Admin to reset your password
My password isn’t working
● Make sure you are using the correct link
● Reset your password
● Immediation Admin can also reset your password
Can someone else use the same link as me?
● No. Each link is unique to each user
Can you send a separate link to my colleague straight away?
● For tribunal matters: need to check with the Tribunal member/Registrar/Court first
● Managed service: Generally okay though it is best to confirm with Yvonne
Matter homepage
I cannot see the green ‘Join conference’ button
● The green button should appear at the start time of the conference. If it is not there at the start time, please refresh your page
The matter homepage is showing that ‘the conference went past it’s end time’
● CSS staff to amend.
○ Note that once the time is fixed you will receive an automated email with the corrected time.
Audio and Video
Nobody can see or hear me
● Please ensure that you have selected the correct audio and video settings.
Permission error on video and audio
● (Windows)Use the video icon on the address bar to give access to the camera and audio device.
● (MAC)Click on the Lock-sign w the address bar of the google chrome and there you will have the option to allow or disable the video and Audio for the web page.
● (Mac) in safari, select ‘Safari’ (top left corner) > ‘Settings for this website’ > ‘Allow’ for Camera and Microphone.
● Check if any other application is open that uses the camera and audio device of the computer.
● Ensure the correct camera is selected
● Shut down the computer if all of the above fails.
○ Go to: chrome://settings/content/camera
○ Switch to the working camera
○ Follow the Resolve Audio/Video Permission Issue Guide to reset permissions.
I cannot hear a particular user, though other users can hear them speak
● In the short term, the issue may be resolved by refreshing the page.
● However, this issue suggests the user has a weak internet connection. User may need to connect to a different internet connection.
Audio on my headset is not working
● Go into sound settings on the computer, ensure audio INPUT is the headset microphone and OUTPUT is set to the headset speaker
● Ensure no other audio devices are connected to the computer (ie recorders)
● Ensure correct audio settings are selected on the Immediation platform.
I get a message saying I am ‘unable to connect to camera’
● Check that you have a camera on your device (no camera = no access)
● Check whether you have set browser to ‘Allow’ access permission to your camera
● Check that you selected the correct camera
● Check your device video settings
● Check if you have Zoom or another program using vidro open
I can’t see everyone’s tiles
● Check that you are using the correct browser
● Check which display mode you are on i.e. speaker or gallery
● Check which room are you in
Other users are reporting that my video and audio is off even though it is on (black tile)
● Check the strength of your internet
● Check that your device is not running programs that require too much processing power
● You may wish to check that your own internet service provider (ISP) does not have any ongoing issues
The image quality on my screen is poor
● Check the strength of your internet
● Check how many participants are on the matter
● Check the quality of your camera
Images are freezing on my screen
● Check the strength of your internet
● Refresh the page
● If you have Chromacam or background-changing software installed, reset or restart the software
I can hear everything but can’t be seen
● Check the browser type and version
● Check the type of device being used
● Check that your camera is on (or reset it)
Other participants are reporting that my video is frozen
● Check the strength of your internet
● Refresh the page
● If you are using a USB camera, unplug it and plug it back in again
● If you have Chromacam or background-changing software installed, reset or restart the software
● If the above steps are unsuccessful, please try switching to audio-only for the conference
Nobody can hear me
● Ensure you have selected the correct audio settings
● Check your device audio settings (input and output)
● Check if the participant is using the bluetooth device. If yes, check if it is connected to multiple devices (Disconnect from other devices)
I am not loud enough to be heard properly
● Check how close you are to the microphone
● Instruct others to turn their volume ip
How do I set up my headphones/headset?
● Device settings and matching selection on the Platform
How do I connect my bluetooth headsets?
● Window - Navigate towards the bottom right and click the speaker icon. Select Bluetooth headset
● Mac - select bluetooth symbol in top right hand corner of screen, select headset
How do I connect my bluetooth Bose external speaker?
There are two settings for the Bose speaker:
1. Speakers (micro soundlink stereo)
2. Headset earphone (handsfree)
Changing it from (1) to (2) allows the speaker to function normally (ie as a loudspeaker).
In the “Presenter View” the person who appears is not speaking?
● This is likely being caused by background noise of the person speaking
My audio was suddenly lost
If you are using bluetooth or headset, removal of bluetooth or headset might cause audio loss. If you click on the 'Settings' and 'Ready' button, your audio will work again.
Private rooms
Can I share a document or chat message among only those in a private room at a given time?
● No. The Documents and Chat functions are available to the conference at large regardless of which room you’re situated in.
Can I move myself to a different room?
● Only the Neutral Party can move users in and out of the main room, lobby and private rooms.
Drop outs/Connectivity
I keep dropping out
● Check the strength of the user’s internet
● EXIT and rejoin
● Ask the user to log out and back in again
● Get the user to sit closer to the router
● Get the user to connect to a stronger internet connection if possible (cable, NBN etc.)
● Last resort: get the user to connect to their mobile hotspot.
When I drop out, what room do I come back to?
● If you disconnect due to connectivity issues, you return to the room you were last in
● If you refresh your page you will exit the VC and need to press the green ‘Join conference’ button again to rejoin
Mobile phone (IOS, Android)
I need to use my mobile phone
● A user can access the Immediation Platform from a smartphone or iPad device if necessary. Please note: users who access the Immediation Platform via mobile won’t have access to the document/evidence function.
● Please try safari rather than Chrome for IOS devices
I uploaded a document but can’t see it
● Check both the matter homepage 'attachments/evidence’ tab as well as the ‘documents’ tab in the VC room. If the document isn’t there, please try uploading it again
Someone uploaded a document but I can not see it
● Check with the document owner whether they set the permission to ‘everyone’ or ‘your team’ - if it is set to ‘your team’ and you are not part of that team, you won’t be able to see that document until it is shared with ‘everyone’.
How do I screen share
● First, make sure you are in speaker view.
Open the document on your desktop or laptop device, click on the screen share icon, select the correct screen you wish to share and click the blue ‘share’ button
How do I zoom in and out of a document
● This currently needs to be done through the user’s device rather than the Platform.
○ For PC, press Ctrl +/- to zoom in or out
○ For Mac, press command +/- to zoom in or out
How do I share a document with one team (i.e. either Applicant, Respondent, NP or Third Party) and their lawyers but not the other?
● If you are part of that team (i.e. either Applicant, Respondent, NP or Third Party), you can set the access permission to ‘your team’ and that would block the other teams from access to the document
● If you are not part of that team, we recommend you do not upload the document to the Platform and share via email.
I cannot see the uploaded documents
● Are you using a mobile device?
● Is the permission to view documents set correctly?
● Is your browser resized into a small window? (it will make the system recognize the participants as being in mobile and won’t let access to the documents)
We’ve reached a settlement. How do we sign?
● You may use either the Terms, HOA or Orders functionalities to draft and sign an agreement. Please refer to the Immediation User Guide for NP to learn more.[1]
Share Screen
Can we share a screen?
● Yes. Though, third parties are excluded unless Admin gives them permission to share their screen.
I Couldn’t find the Stop sharing button?
● go to the browser icon, you should be able to see the stop sharing button there (chrome).
While using Chrome on MAC, where is there an option to end screen sharing?
● Right-click on the Chrome icon
● Select show all windows
● Can see the stop sharing screen icon
Devices - iPhone/iPad Note: iPhone/iPad should only be used as a last resort
Chrome says ‘permission error’ and cannot access camera and mic
● Should get a pop up saying ‘chrome wants to use camera and microphone’. Select ‘allow’
● If the user does not receive this pop-up, Switch to Safari. Safari generally works better with Immediation on iPad/iPhone